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Tickets Available Now For Our October Farm Dinner

West African Farm to Table Dinner

October 2nd

Sign up now, limited seating available.

We are honored to host Chef Elsie of Afro Vitality Eats for our first formal farm dinner. Born and raised in Cameroon, Elsie brings the flavors home to the US and makes them accessible to all of us. “Afrovitalityeats is my way of telling the world you can enjoy the flavors of Africa from the comfort of your own kitchen; the harvest from your backyard garden or simple ingredients from your local market.” Find recipes you can make at home on Elsie’s blog and social media.

It’s always a pleasure to taste the flavors a professional chef creates with our produce. It’s an extra joy to celebrate African flavors after we learned so much there in our time in the Peace Corps years ago. Please join us for this cultural flavor exchange on October 2nd at 5:00pm. This is your chance to see where your food comes from. We will have farm tours, hay rides, creekside cocktails, sunset dinner, and dessert by fire light all enhanced by African music.

Support local food, experience African flavors, and immerse yourself in the community experience.

The event will be outside, podded tables available.

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