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***READ THIS*** The ordering window for Saturday pickup On The Farm or at the Richland Park Farmers Market is on Thursday from Noon to Midnight only!

(Please do not order from the store outside of the time mentioned above, because store inventory may not be up to date at other times and your order may not be fulfilled)


  • Thursday pre-orders are for pickup on the immediately following Saturday only. We don't take online store orders further in advance because our inventory changes weekly with the whims of the weather gods and other factors​.

  • Saturday is currently the only pickup day available.​

  • Saturday pickup locations are:​

    • Richland Park Farmers Market (10am-Noon at our market stand)​

    • At The Farm (9am-4pm at our farm in Fly, TN)

  • Payment is made online, at the time of ordering, via credit/debit card (like most any other online purchases).

  • We do not deliver. You must pick up.​

  • Beginning in May 2024, we will also offer Monday afternoon/evening ordering for Tuesday evening pickup on the farm or at the 12 South Farmers market.

This page is under construction.

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